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Every Ring Has a Story….

just us girls

I was asked recently by a guy friend of mine, “why is jewelry so important to so many of you ladies? ”   He brought it up because he was talking about how much his wife was pining for a Heather B. Moore necklace she saw at Clarkson Jewelers.   Apparently she’d been not just leaving him hints, but put ... Read More »

The BEST way to Get her to say YES


LOVE this Theater Trailer Wedding Proposal! It’s called “The Rain Room”, but it might need to be renamed the “I DO” Room!  There is an Art installation at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, and it has been dubbed the “Engagement room” because so far, four men have proposed marriage to their lady loves inside ... Read More »

Did She Say “I Do”?


SOOOOO SWEET!!! I am an incurable romantic!  Thanks to Youtube, there have been some pretty amazing wedding proposals from all over the world that have made many laugh, cry and shout to their computer screens “JUST SAY YES”!  One of my favorites happens to also star the very funny and talented Zach Braff!  I guess Zach must be good friends ... Read More »

Bridezilla or GUESTzilla?

When my ex-husband and I were planning our wedding, of course we registered for gifts in the hopes that we would be able to start out our lives and home together with some nice “swag”.  But the truth is, we never EXPECTED any guest to give us anything!  We were grateful for our guests to come and celebrate with us, ... Read More »

A Wedding to Die For….

It’s WEDDING SEASON!  How about a ZOMBIE wedding????  It’s bizarre, but hey, whatever makes you happy!  Get details HERE and watch the VIDEO of this couple Zombie-tastic wedding!   Have you ever been to a BIZARRE wedding?  If you could have any wedding you wanted, what would it be? Read More »

First it was 2 Million…now three to five on one day!

WILL CLINTON WEDDING COST $3 TO $5 MILLION On Saturday Chelsea Clinton is set to marry her investment-banker boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky at a posh private estate 90 miles north of Manhattan. The hotly anticipated, highly secretive affair has been called the Wedding of the Decade and of the Century. Experts in all things nuptial think the cost of Bill and ... Read More »


When it comes to planning her wedding, Carrie Underwood knows exactly what she wants. In a recent interview Carrie spilled some more wedding secrets by telling fans that her dog, Ace, will be the ring bearer. “I don’t know if I’ll actually put the ring on him. He’d probably run away with it or eat it or something. That’s probably ... Read More »

Budget Wedding!

I hear all the talk of our economy getting better, but the truth is, we’re all still having a tough time of it! So what does a girl (or guy) do when they have dreamed of a beautiful PERFECT wedding most of their life, but don’t have the funds? Let’s face it, the hard part is over, right? You’ve found ... Read More »