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I know my wife loves me because of my grill

Jim and his Grill

I missed my baby. For six months I lived without my sweet, trusty friend. Six o’clock would roll around and I’d think about her and realize she wasn’t in my life. She was still mine…just elsewhere. Then she came home. Last week the movers delivered my grill. Why do I love that chunk of metal so much? I’m not an ... Read More »

To My Future Wife: Sweet or Cheesey?

selfie lice

As Discussed on the Cornbread Show this morning!  Do you think it’s sweet, like Judi or Cheesey like CB & Mac: BLOG POST: TO MY FUTURE WIFE This  post includes a link to the original. To My Future Wife A college student named Brett wrote a letter to his future, unknown wife. This is one to share with your daughter. ... Read More »

The MOST Romantic Thing Ever?

I think so!  Check out this beautiful story and a song that is now a top 10 iTune downloads! What is the MOST romantic thing you’ve done, seen, witnessed or been a part of?   Read More »