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It’s Administrative Professionals Week. Will you do something nice for them?

south park bo

What will you do for the people that make you look good? It’s the bar backs that make bartenders look good, it’s the RN’s, CNA’s, etc that make the doctors look good.  This week we celebrate the Administrative Professionals that make the rest of us look good!  Thank you for what you do!   This is Danielle the Administrative Pro for ... Read More »


just the map

Hailey from New Baden, IL emailed me and said she was “Boffended” because I never say what the temperature is in her town. So that got me to thinking “who are we missing”? Where do you listen to 92.3 WIL?  I do shout-outs all the time to different people that are listening at work, celebrating a birthday, at play, or ... Read More »

LISTEN: All I Need to Know!


Toilets on the back porch, weird things people do with ranch dressing and finding a date at a family reunion: mornings at 7:50, Bud and Broadway want you to call with strange things that “say it all” about a person! Sorry, “that’s all I need to know about you!”   Read More »