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I’ve been a part of the WWSS ULTIMATE GIRL’S DAY OUT in St. Charles for a few years now, and every year I think it can’t top the year before..and it DOES!   I’m SOOO excited because THIS year I get to be finally in my FAVORITE part of the show:  THE WINE GARDEN!   MEET ME AND WE CAN SWILL ... Read More »

Take Back Halloween!


It seems like every year the Halloween costumes for the ladies are only about one thing:   SEXY!  Sexy cat.  Sexy Vampire.  Sexy Cop. Sexy Nurse.  Sexy Housewife.  Just fill in the blank:  “Sexy…….” !  Halloween is my favorite holiday, probably because, as an actress, I have always loved playing different roles.  Halloween is a day once a year where we ... Read More »

Gamer Shamer?

Are you a Gamer? I’ve always loved video games!  From Mrs. Pacman to Farmville! (Finally got out of THAT addiction!  My farm was wilting!) Now,  being a woman, I always thought I was odd that I loved video games! But according to new research, we ladies are playing just as much as the guys, if not MORE!  So… What IS ... Read More »


This video was shared via a Breadhead Casey cuz we were talking about the fact that women have smellier farts then men! Read More »

Trends Guys HATE On The Ladies

I personally LOVE my Uggs boots, as do lots of celebrities like the ladies on Deseparate Housewives and Gossip Girl! But it’s just one trend that guys say is NOT HOT! Here are some more according to Shine Yahoo: 1. Ugg boots The on-set footwear of choice for celebrities (how many times have we seen photos of the “Gossip Girl” ... Read More »

Valentines Day Secret

The Secret to WHY Valentines Day means so much to so many women! We can all probably agree that it is thanks to Hallmark, restaurants and the chocolate making factories for putting such pressure on the “National Night of Romance”, otherwise known as “Valentines Day”, on so many poor guys who have not a clue either why V Day is ... Read More »