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First Day Jitters


When you started your current job what feelings did you experience on the  very first morning? Excited? Nervous? Confused? Anticipation? We’re going thru all of that right now! Jeane and I were talking when we got to the office about how odd it must be for you to hear two strangers coming out of your radio. Please hang out with ... Read More »

The Tobasco Files: #hotoffthepress

My mom taught Me....

HOTP!  New For YOU!  New on The Cornbread Show!  I’m gonna have the Top Trending Buzz perfect for all those work or school conversations every day on the Cornbread Show for you!  Did I miss anything?  Always let me know, and if YOU have an inside Scoop, Email me and I’ll make sure you get all the credit!  Here’s Today’s ... Read More »


WHAT are these CINI’s I keep talking about?  Here’s Cini’s Facebook Page: Aracini’s ROCK! Short for arancinis, cinis are traditional Italian street fare and are handmade daily with saffron arborio rice, chopped blend of celery, carrots, and onions, and then rolled in breadcrumbs and fried!  AND That’s just the BEGINNING of all the authentic legit Italian food made fresh ... Read More »

WEISURE TIME…Have you heard this term yet?

I don’t really think this is gonna be a buzz word but at least it describes what has happened to my life and maybe yours too. If you have a cell phone anyone can contact you at any time day or night, it happens all the time. Work calls/personal calls…I was just asking my dad what did we do in ... Read More »