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SWEETEST Senior takes Great Grandma to Prom! AWWWW

Saw this on Yahoo and HAD to share this Feel good #tabascofiles story for a Friday! “Austin Dennison of Rockford, Ohio, took his great-grandmother Delores, 89, to his senior prom — and video of the two slow-dancing while other students get wild in the background speaks volumes about their relationship. Delores spoke to the Times Bulletin about her night out ... Read More »

Bed Time No No

Lately I’ve been having a tough time sleeping. Or I fall asleep, then end up waking up in the middle of the night. But I also find, I do some late night eating! Well, apparently that’s really bad for you! And on TOP of that, there are certain foods that are worse for you than others! Check THIS out (thanks ... Read More »

You are what you FOLD!

You’ve heard the old expression “You are what you eat”, right? How about you are “How you fold your laundry”? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but according to Yahoo.shine, the way that you fold your laundry has a connection to what kind of personality you have! Read the list and see if you “are what you fold”! It’s a ... Read More »