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Frequently Asked World’s Largest Garage Sale Questions

1. Do we bring our own tables?
This event will be held indoors and outdoors. All exhibitors MUST bring everything they need for set-up, including tables, chairs, etc if they are an outside exhibitor. Same goes for indoor exhibitors, unless you prefer to rent your set up items. Tables, chairs, and electricity are available for rental ONLY if you have reserved an indoor space.
2. Can I sell food, bake sale items, etc?
Please note that Fairmount Park will be selling concessions and the selling of beverages or prepared food items is prohibited. If you have questions on this please contact Kim @ kgrant@wil92.com.
3. Can I have helpers in my booth and do they have to pay admission?
You can have up to 4 people help you man your booth. However, they MUST be on-site the day of event by 7am to avoid paying an admission fee.
4. Having troubles registering for a space at the garage sale?
Email Kim at kgrant@wil92.com. You will get a quick response so you can proceed with signing up.
5. Is your shopping cart/website secure?
Yes, you can feel at ease using our very secure shopping cart system.  Our current system is provided by 3DCart and authenticated through authorize.net – two gold standard companies for merchant service providers.
6. Do I need to bring any verification of my order to the garage sale in order to set up?
No. All you have to do is give us your name upon arrival and we will check you against a printout of all exhibitors.
7. I have already purchased a space, however, I spoke with a relative and they would like to purchase a space as well. Is there any way their space can be next to mine?
All spaces will be assigned. If you send an email prior to 3/14/15, we will do everything we can to place you next to the individual. There will be no guarantees that you will placed next to someone on any email received after 3/14/15.  Email kgrant@wil92.com
8. I make bead/craft jewelry and other craft items, would I be able to sell these at the yard sale?
Sure, so long as you are not a commercial business owner. No trade show exhibitors, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, and other independent sales contractors will be permitted to display at the event. If you are uncertain how you are classified feel free to contact Kim at kgrant@wil92.com
9. I saw that the event is in collaboration with Goodwill. Will Goodwill have trailers there to haul off the left over things that we do not sell? I was planning on donating it to Goodwill anyway. I don’t want to take anything home and it would be nice to just get rid of the leftover items after the garage sale there at the park.
YES! Goodwill would love to take any items you don't won't to haul back home with you. They will also give you a receipt for your items donated.
10. I am a small business owner and I have a kiosk I usually put up at area events. Would I be able to purchase a space at your event?
No. The biggest complaint from our previous three garage sales with Cornbread were that there were too many business booths and it felt like a trade show. Therefore, ONLY our title sponsor, Goodwill, and up to 2 supporting partners will be permitted to be on-site at the event.
11. I saw the note that one of the rules for obtaining a space at the garage sale is “not for businesses”…for individuals…I was wondering if you might consider offering space for a not-for-profit? For example, we usually do a garage sale type of event in the Spring where we take in donations and sell them to raise money for our work with seniors and the disabled.
Yes! We don't care who's junk you are selling as long as it is junk and you are NOT soliciting donations.
12. What is the admission price?
Admission is $5 per person from 8a until things start winding down in the afternoon.   Children 12 and under are FREE. Early Bird Admission is $10 and that is for all you bargain hunters who want an hour lead time to get at all the good stuff!  If you don’t want to go in as an early bird you can be one of the first in line for regular admission.
13. What time is set-up?
PLEASE NOTE THAT SETUP TIME AND RESTRICTIONS HAVE CHANGED!  Set up will be on Saturday, March 21st from 11am until 7pm.  ALL BOX TRUCKS AND TRAILERS (OF ANY KIND) ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN THE VENDING /SALE AREA ON SATURDAY SETUP.  You will not be allowed to drop off any of your sellable items using a box truck or trailer of any kind in the vending/sales area on Sunday morning.  ONLY pick up trucks (with no trailers) and cars will be allowed in the vendor/sales area to finish setting up on Sunday morning 4:30am until 6:30am.  There will be NO exceptions.  Please do not purchase a space without fully understanding this new restriction.  All vendors and their helpers must be on-site in the vendor/sales area no later than 7am with their designated credentials. If you or your helpers do not have credentials you run the risk of being charged the admission fee.
14. Will there be security if I bring my stuff for set-up the day before the event?
Yes. There will be on-site security overnight for those exhibitors choosing to do the early bird set-up.
15. Are the outside spaces on asphalt, concrete, dirt or gravel?
Asphalt/chat combination.
16. Something came up and I wont’ be able to attend…can I get a refund?
We will be able to give refunds for booth rentals up until 3/12/15.  After 3/12/15, all purchases are final and no refunds will be available.  Email Kim at kgrant@wil92.com with your refund request.
17. I noticed during the on-line checkout process that I had to agree to certain Terms & Conditions in order to purchase a booth at the Garage Sale.  Do you have a printable copy of that for my records?
Of course! Click here to download and print the Terms & Conditions that all vendors must agree to in order to participate in the event.